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Fenerbahce confirm negotiations for Manchester United's Robin van Persie

Manchester United look likely to lose another striker, after Fenerbahce announce that they are negotiating over Robin van Persie.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

There have been rumours swirling for a few days now, but finally one of the clubs involved appears to have confirmed that Things Are Happening. Robin van Persie might well be swapping England for Turkey, and Manchester United for Fenerbahce. Negotiations are currently being, er, negotiated. See!

It's a wonderful looking language, Turkish. A riot of diacritics and u's and k's. But for those of you that like to know what words mean as well as what they look like, let's consult some translators. Here's what Bing thinks the Turks are saying:

Last Minute | Fenerbahce Football Inc., Robin Van Persie with Manchester United, the club itself and began negotiations to GRAB.

And here's our old friend Mr G. Translate:

Last Minute | Fenerbahce Football Inc. , Robin Van Persie was reported that the vessel itself and the club began negotiations with Manchester United .

Point to Bing there, we think.

Now, we're no experts, but clubs don't tend to announce that they're trying to buy somebody unless they think they've got a decent chance of succeeding. Add this to today's rumours that he's been having a medical, and we can probably start to say our goodbyes to United's No. 20. More importantly, we can start to speculate wildly about who on earth will replace him.