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West Brom signing Anders Lindegaard from Manchester United

One of Manchester United's many reserve goalkeepers is off to the Midlands.

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Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Great Manchester United Goalkeeping Purge has claimed its first victim, if the Daily Telegraph's man in the midlands is to be believed. Anders Lindegaad, who you may recall briefly playing ahead of David de Gea in the latter's salad days, is on his way to West Bromwich Albion.

Full story here.

Quite clearly an okay keeper yet equally clearly never good enough to be No. 1, Lindegaard's most notable contribution to Manchester United came when he proudly declared that he wasn't just at Old Trafford to pick his nose. A good line. Though 29 appearances over five seasons kind of suggests that he was ultimately wrong about that. You hope, at least, that he took his goalkeeping gloves off before he got down to it. Nobody's nose is that big.