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Manchester United could sign Keylor Navas as David De Gea replacement

Real Madrid could insert their current No. 1, Keylor Navas, into the David De Gea transfer.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

It has looked increasingly like Manchester United would end the summer with Sergio Romero as their uncontested first-choice goalkeeper, though recent reports have suggested that Real Madrid could be willing to part with their current No. 1, Keylor Navas, in order to complete the signing of David De Gea.

We dialed up our friend Mr. G. Translate for assistance in deciphering this article from Spanish paper Marca. Unfortunately, on this occasion he wasn't much help, though he did nevertheless produce this gem:

Keylor Navas holds, acclaimed at the Bernabeu hero team after his first penalty stop with the elastic merengue ... But do not know whether to continue.

So, quite what that article says we're not certain, but we think it says that he's delayed joining up with the Costa Rican national team in case a deal with United is struck. He's too good to be a backup, and he knows at United he'd walk straight into the first team. He's not a young starlet, but he's a solid goalkeeper and almost certainly an improvement on Romero.

Let's just hope he remembers to pack his elastic merengue.