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De Gea to stay, Marcos Rojo to leave, and Manchester United are linked with Antoine Griezmann

Manchester United might end up with more goalkeepers than they need, as the De Gea deal collapses and Victor Valdes gets cute. Meanwhile, Marcos Rojo is apparently unwanted, and United might shift James Wilson on to bring somebody else, possibly Antoine Griezmann.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Good morning, one and all, and welcome to the last day of the transfer window. Here in the UK this solemn occasion was kicked off at dawn with the traditional sacrifice of a yellow sheep, and come 6 pm this evening we hope that you will join us for the solemn, ritual disembowelment of Jim White.

Until then, rumours. Nobody seems to really know what's happened with David de Gea, but all are generally agreed that the deal hasn't happened and now hangs in the balance. United are briefing that they ticked all their boxes — see the Mirror — and it seems that De Gea's fate now rests in the hands of the Spanish FA and FIFA. God knows what happens if he ends up staying, but it's a good job that Louis van Gaal hasn't spent the last few weeks steadily ostracising him from the squad.

What? Oh.

Another possible departure is Marcos Rojo, who apparently "enraged" Van Gaal after failing to join United for their pre-season tour, and has since been irritating the boss with his lack of fitness. Of course, the Daily Mail's story is rather undermined by the included quote from Rojo, who says "I have received offers but my idea is to stay here [United] and fight for a position because it is a great club. I'll try to play as much as possible. I talked to Van Gaal when I returned and was upset by everything that had happened but he said he was counting on me." So maybe don't panic on this one.

Also in the Mail, an update on the future of James Wilson. Apparently "as many as 15 clubs" are interested in taking the young striker on loan, including West Brom and Tottenham, and Wilson is keen to get some regular football. So keen, in fact, that he might even be tempted by a permanent deal. Either way, you can't imagine that United will let him go without another forward coming in.

Oh, look! A forward! According to Sky Sports' Spanish expert Guillem Balague, a wild Antoine Griezmann-to-Manchester United rumour appeared last night. However, Sky Sports' Spanish expert Guillem Balague reckons it's a non-starter:

Oh, and Victor Valdes might be staying, per the Mirror. Apparently he has "set a picture of United's club crest as his Facebook cover photo". Oh, Victor! You passive-aggressive tease!