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Louis van Gaal considers quitting Manchester United imminently

Louis van Gaal, Romelu Lukaku and David de Gea all feature in today's Manchester United links.

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The juiciest of the stories doing the rounds today comes courtesy of the Mirror, who report Louis van Gaal is considering quitting Manchester United this summer, a whole year before the end of his contract.

Apparently van Gaal has walked away from several jobs in the past, and sources in the Netherlands "claim the Dutchman’s family have become increasingly concerned at the heavy toll leading the Old Trafford giants is taking on the 64-year-old." This isn't just hidden away in a corner of their website, either: it's their lead story, and they run today with the back-page headline "Louis van Gone".

José Mourinho, come on down!

There's a nice transfer rumour in the Guardian suggesting United are sniffing around Everton's on-form forward Romelu Lukaku. He's good. Very good, in fact, and though United's scoring problems this season have been as much the result of poor tactics as poor players, Wayne Rooney's early-onset old age combined with a startling lack of depth means this would be much more than a vanity signing. The downside? The pricetag's apparently £65 million.

In the Telegraph, there's another story suggesting David de Gea may well be at United for the long haul; while finally, a hat-tip to Matt Busby: