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David de Gea's Real Madrid contract leaked

David de Gea, here's what you could have won!

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Last month, Anthony Martial's Manchester United contract was published online by the mysterious 'whistleblowing' site Football Leaks, and they've since got their grubby mitts on a couple of other United-related titbits. The first is the contract apparently signed by Bébé on his arrival from Vitória de Guimarães back in 2010, most notable for the beans spilled on United's bonus system (an abridged version of which you can find over on the Guardian).

However, the second is even more salacious, and several times funnier. It's apparently the contract David de Gea signed ahead of his move to Real Madrid on deadline day last summer, only for the move to collapse at the last minute (or just after the last minute, as the case may be). The Guardian have again given a neat summary of the proposed terms:

It shows the Spain international would have received a figure of €11,818,182 (£9.2m) for each season from 2015-16 to 2020-21.

There is also mention of a break clause of €500m (£388m), which De Gea would have been obliged to pay if he walked out on his contract.

However, as they also state, the recent extension he signed at Old Trafford means he's not any worse off at United:

[De Gea's new Manchester United] deal was reportedly worth £200,000 per week. The figures from the Football Leaks document equate to around £176,000 per week.

Poor, poor David.