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Agent denies Zlatan is set to become United's assistant manager

Mino Raiola would rather "emigrate to the North Pole" than see Zlatan become his assistant.

Marcus Ericsson/Ombrello/Getty Images

A recent wave of reports suggested the deal bringing Zlatan Ibrahimović to Manchester United would see him take up some kind of role as José Mourinho's assistant. However, the former Paris Saint-Germain striker's agent has moved to deny the reports in no uncertain terms, at least according to Mr. G. Translate's English version of an interview in Swedish newspaper Expressen:

"I do not think he can be someone's assistant. Do you know what I mean? He would only be able to be his own assistant, says Raiola on the phone. But if I was an important person, I would like him to be my assistant."

The interviewer then jokingly asks if Zlatan is set to become Raiola's assistant, to which he replied:

"I emigrate to the North Pole rather than have him as an assistant. I'd rather live with the Eskimos than have him as my assistant. He can only be his own assistant. Whoever came up with that story ought to start working for Walt Disney instead."

That seems like a no, then.