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Have Manchester United tabled a bid for Spanish strike star?

Álvaro Morata has confirmed that he's had "tempting" offers from England.

David Ramos/Getty Images

We apologise for momentarily indulging in some transfer speculation, but we're quite excited about the thought of Juventus' Álvaro Morata rocking up at Old Trafford. Will it actually happen? Probably not, but the forward has confirmed in an interview with Spanish newspaper AS that he has had "tempting offers from England", of which Manchester United may well be one. The quote in full reads as follows:

There are some tempting offers from England, and not only in terms of the contract. For my style of play and characteristics, I think the Premier League would be a great destination. I'm not saying I want to leave Juventus though, I've only good things to say about my time there, but going to the Premier League wouldn't be a step backwards either. With what I've learned in Italy, if I got the opportunity to learn ever more in England I could become a more complete and better player. I'm only 23 and I want to progress, learn from the best and have a good career.

At another point in the interview he also says, when asked whether he'd like to return to Real Madrid: "It’s clear that’s what I would like the most. That’s my wish, to triumph at Madrid." So to summarise, Morata says he'd love more than anything else to RETURN TO REAL MADRID (from whom Juve bought him a couple of seasons ago), but also has some tempting offers from the PREMIER LEAGUE, which would be a GREAT DESTINATION. But get this straight, HE DEFINITELY DOESN'T WANT TO LEAVE JUVE. Got it? Good.

A lot of the transfer speculation has suggested Madrid will exercise a buyback clause to just flog Morata onto Arsenal for even bigger bucks. But on the fairly good chance that's baseless nonsense, United should definitely be sniffing around Morata. His performances in the Champions League over the last couple of seasons have been nothing short of superb, and he's got an all-round game that should suit José Mourinho's style down to the ground. Quick, strong, a fine finisher and only 23 years old, he'd be a mighty fine capture.